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The abillity to enable tnt in certain areas of sv/ or enable tnt 1k blocks from spawn Reverse Replies

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What feature do you want:

It would be nice if there was a way to allow tnt explosions in a certain area.

Or if tnt was enabled 1k blocks from spawn

Why do you think it's a good idea?

It would allow us to be able to break blocks without having to use withers and there wont be any harm done because the only area where tnt will be allowed is in the blast chamber. If we are forced to use wither cages for our farms, griefers will be able to let the withers roam free from their cages and destroy builds.

I don't know if there is a good way to do this but you might be able to use something like world guard for it.

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unfortunately, because of griefers, I would say this shouldn't be allowed -1

I have used tnt minecarts in TSV multiple times for reasons™, but I haven't tested with regular tnt. I think it would be a good decision to enable it since it can be nice to use in farms or clearing out lots of blocks. If griefing truly does become an issue, which I doubt it would, I expect that disabling it within a certain range from spawn would work quite well too.

Tnt was enabled until about 2 days ago and we weren’t having any issues at all with greifing so I highly doubt it will happen

As long as I am not responsible for fixing any damage, +1

As long as KingIceCream is solely responsible for any harm done, as well as fixing it within two hours with an immediate permanent ban if he doesn‘t, +1

That’s a great idea pepe

@Pepich1851 please no....

We also haven't had any annoyances or potential greifers come on sv since and now that it has died down i don't think there will be any. There also weren't any incidents while tnt was enabled before hand. If there are any incidents i can fix any damages done.

it was enabled for a while on accident with no harm done, I don't see why we can't enable it again, +1

+1 So add it if everyone is ok xD

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