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Use for extra computer? Reverse Replies

Long story short I have an extra computer sitting around with decent specs (8gb i5 etc)
Does anyone have any cool selfhosted programs they would recommend I use so that this computer doesn't just sit around?

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Dann, for a sec, I thought you were giving I've away, I always wanted a computer that I can just leave on all day :P

To answer your question: You can always host a website on it. Logal host his and (now) mine. You can "rent" a mc server(s) to people for a cheap price.

I do have another that I don’t need... message me on discord and if you want we can figure something out possibly.
I have hosted Wordpress etc sites st home before so as of right now that will be the main use of it, starting a minecraft host business would be cool but I’d need a partner and a plan to actually get the word out there

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