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Is rail duplicating allowed? Reverse Replies

Since I found out that villagers are unable to teleport through nether portals, I've been going back and forth trying to see what I can and can't do in regards to getting some villagers to my base 1000+ blocks away. Although I may not be able to get villagers through the nether, I would definitely be willing to put in the time to build a huge rail line all the way to my base. Going through, afking at the pigman farm or going on my own and mining for gold would be an enormous waste of time, and I don't even have slime balls for sticky pistons yet, so I would like to know if I could build something on the Internet to duplicate rails.


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I would say.. nope. The nether portal thing will probably be fixed soon, and duplicating rails is pretty cheaty. -1

I'm pretty sure certain items were duped last season of TSV (not sure about SV), but I wouldn't see a major issue with duping rails. Unlike KingIceCream said, it's most likely the portal issue won't be fixed. Logal told me it has been a 'feature' of MV for something around 8 years now. Personally I don't see a huge issue with duping rails, but we'll have to see with other people say.

Maybe I'm slightly biased because I had the same issue though. :P

Edit: Logal says the people over at synergy may have a fix.

Until I get a clear answer, I'll probably deal with it and do some other stuff with the community. Thanks for the responses though :-).

So is it allowed ? If yes i'll build a rail distributor at the spawn :P

Minenash said he thinks so. Didn't sound definitive but he's a mod so I guess it's set...?

Hilly has been rail duping and I rail dumped a ton last season, so I guess so?

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