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SOLVED Syrl_, ProNoob135, RedSthunder00, Redsignial, EngineerRS, thegunmaster, Reverse Replies

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Massive spam in chat, use of other languages, antisemitic comments.

Failed attempts

Half assed telling them not to, I mean, KingIceCream was there to do the mod's jobs and yelled at them not to, so I decided wouldn't be much of a difference if I yelled at them as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




05.01.2019 22:27:24 - 22:31:52 UTC


Mah heart, mah soul!


I shared the logs with staff in discord. If needed I will provide them here again. It's simply quite a lot, and some pretty offensive stuff in there as well, so I'd rather not.

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Please share the logs with me. I do sometimes use French in chat, however I doubt your claims of antisemitism and massive spam.
that's all I could find, I dont really see why you and a few others are lumped in with them

I can't remember the exact details but when this was dealt with, those speaking French got off ok. It wasn't a big deal.

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