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What feature do you want:
A /glowing command that applie a glowing (enchantement) effect on the held item, it would cost like 1 or 2 levels.

Why do you think its a good idea:
We already have a /name and /lore commands to customize items, one more would be great and glowing effect is sooo cool

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This would literally be the most useless feature. -1

I don't think so. This is useful for items customization.
You are saying that because you never use /name and /lore and you don't care about customization.

What I'm saying is that there's no good reason to need to make items be able to glow. I don't use /name because I have no reason to rename items, but I think it's a nice way to make a vanilla feature easier to do. As for /lore, I don't use that either, which is just as useless as your request is tbh.

Can you explain why you would want to actually make an unenchanted item glow, rather than just saying that it makes items slightly more customisable? Why are more customisable items good for sv/tsv players?

I'ma say -1. While it can make it more customizable, this would give a false idea of what the item is. (It looks like it'd be more powerful then the base item, because it looks like it has enchantment(s). )

@minenash yes but we aren't on a pvp faction server

why can't i delete this thread

We don't delete feature requests, we close/solve them.

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