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During this appeal, Futsy refers to the appeal that Aur1ge_ made at the start of this same ban. However, Aur1ge_ deleted said previous appeal because it didn't go the way he would have liked. I feel like this is an issue because refering to previous punishments, or reasoning for punishments in old appeals wouldn't be possible if everyone just deleted their appeals right after they get closed. It's not uncommon for this to happen, I know for a fact Aur1ge_ alone has done this for several appeals (if you search the appeals threads, he only has 1 appeal for now, however I know for a fact that he has made many more than that).

I suggest the same for the blames forum, although I haven't specifically ever seen someone delete a blame after it was rejected.

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Update: Aur1ge_ has since deleted his appeal after it was closed, and thus the first link in my post doesn't work.

I think it would be better if deleted appeals were removed from the site, but archived so that only staff could access them. This way non-staff would still be able to delete their own threads if they are uncomfortable with them being public, but the information in the threads can be called upon for reference by staff.

If players are uncomfortable with their past actions being publicly visible, then that's more reason for them to think twice before doing stupid shit. Pep told me that he has all deleted posts backed up anyways, but that's quite obviously difficult for anybody except Pep to get access to at this moment.

This have been made and the PR is here will not solve it before it is live on the site.

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