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Here are a few ideas for some small changes which could be made to survival and trusted survival.

  1. A /pvp command to be added to the sv module. When /pvp is toggled on, a player can hit anyone else who also has this toggled on.

  2. TNT and/or firetick in survival. I know quite a few people want this so I’m just going to put it here.

  3. A logblock feature for mobs and player’s inventories. This probably isn’t possible from a developer standpoint, but I’m still gonna throw it out there just in case.

  4. Upon killing the ender dragon, an elytra is dropped. This is great because people won’t have to go really far out to get them, and it gives players an incentive to fight the ender dragon, a normally overlooked boss.

  5. Institute a rule where if a player hasn’t been on in 2 months and no one is able to get in contact with the player, his/her base can be torn down for the space, with the items being put into storage in case the player returns. I know this is very specific, but this is because people tend to build a house or something right next to spawn and then leave for months

If you guys like any of the ideas, reply with the number of the one(s) you’d want added. Despite my mod status these are only suggestions so even if a majority of people like an idea it still might not be added. I’ll update this list if I think of anything else or someone else has a good idea they want added to this list.

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+1 except for the fourth suggestion, I'd like to keep (t)sv as vanilla as possible.

+1 to all, but the fifth is weird, if we do that, why not do the same in creative and reset the plots next to the spawn xD

@SteelJim, there are rules about that. If a user hasn't been on in something like 6 months and wasn't a high rank (not sure if that includes builder or not), the plot can be reset. Many of the plots next to spawn belong to trusted players, or people who are still active, and so are not reset.

+1 except no. 4 and 5.

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