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Type of ban / demotion


Ban/Demotion reason

Reason you were told or message shown when you're disconnected from the server

What I have done wrong

I was going around doing /up 1 on people's plots, and I think I stole stuff in survival.

Why I should be unbanned / re-promoted

Hello, Let me first just start this off by saying, I regret doing all of this, and as soon as I checked the redstoner blog, to see the appeal changes I knew that i wanted to appeal. I have waited nearly a month because I'm very nervous that I will not get accepted.
The staff was in the right, I was way in the wrong, I would never greif soomeone if I ever came back. Or even steal in survival.
If you go to my original ban appeal 4 years ago ( You will see that I did not know how to use proper grammar/spelling. Wanna know why? I was 9. I was 9 years old at the time.
I've matured and i'm now 13 and I feel terrible for what I did.
I feel as I owe the entire community and apology, even if I do not get accepted.

So, Everyone that I griefed, stole from, or even annoyed, I'm sorry. Very deeply sorry.

My IGN now is YTBoyMC.
Thank you for your time, And have a nice day.

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Anybody gonna do anything about this appeal or do staff not check the forums anymore?

+1 to another chance.

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