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Delete Player Data Button On The Forums Reverse Replies

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What feature do you want:

The ability to be able to rese player data with a button, maybe under profile?
You could specify what server and click th button and it would have the same effects as /kill (reset inv, position and effects)

Why do you think its a good idea:

So staff don’t have to deal with the issues that are caused by people who are messing around with stuff in game and break something

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I dont know how this would be possible via the website but not a bad idea. Maybe only enabled for people with 2FA enabled because of the security risk...

Yea I’ve seen this feature a lot on modded servers due to the amount of things that can crash the client and be corrupted

One time i got stuck because of a bug and this feature would actually have solved my problem so +1

+1, but it should be called "Reset Player".

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