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SOLVED Carsorian/xXTrailOfTears Reverse Replies

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Submitting on his behalf. The appeal itself is for Carsorian. xXTrailOfTears was banned for ban evasion. Though the ban evasion was for finding out how to submit his appeal. It doesn't sound like he knew he that the website even existed, so imo, it shouldn't count against him.

Type of Ban / Demotion


Ban/Demotion reason

"repeated spam and posting of adult links"

What I have done wrong

Repeated use of inappropriate links in the main public server chat.

Why I should be unbanned / re-promoted

This incident occurred several months if not at least a year ago, and since then I have largely matured and have developed a much more mature and respectful personality towards others since then.

IGN: Carsorian
Alt IGN: xXTrailOfTearsXx
(both accounts banned)

Thanks! :)

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To add on, because I only looked at it now. The Check module says he was last on in July of 2017.

From the interactions I've had with him due to the appeal itself. I think he deserves a second chance. +1 From me.

I assume the original ban was temporary? I think banning people with a link to the forums would be helpful in the future to avoid situations like this, I'm pretty sure this isn't the only time someone has used an ult to ask how they can appeal.

No, his original account was perm banned. (So was his alt but yeah.)

Ban evasion seems unfair. One harmful link doesn't seem too too bad. +1 to unban

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