Happy xmas Redstoners!!!

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Hello everyone,

me(rick) and loadingcodex have set up a special xmas present for almost all redstoners(the ones who are most active) its on my plot(type: /p h:2 RickPlaysMCraft)

also here is a list of everyone: check if your name is on it and check out your present!!!

Pokemon555222 jameswhile MisaXage RickPlaysMCraft CubeMasterXD gapbrick arhurvalk matoseb Dico200 LoadingCodex Valsim72 PhantomRedstone KidwaiFamily johndebest hiddensentials firealarmfreak redstonesheep jonny0987 barrygold gundershot ds007 purpledrakennuke pigdokter eniallator KPKiller motership_Q titodanon TragsAG panfritz armadillo flubber_MC hello_im_damien populargirl seancb123 NEVED123 thegunmaster yonatand matanvl oddguy skullcandy MDP Ionwolfhelm yop_tropix Daan_crafter thunder7345 eriyo2000 skulldeath daan_nos fionn NomNomCooky KotovSyndrom toinou Nalaek2004 asecta filip85006 Destame Doom_Blah NEMESIS13cz gumswege MCtechnical Pigglypops CranBerriJelly Jb589 Scootdog Orangebeek nightshade32 Spider550 TeoDiLenarda Itz_Rendix FireAlarm_Freak RomoJoe Shizel_Fish kai_the_beer SeppGames BennyBanshee Blue_Saint hardfg5000 ipfreely zormunche

Aww thhx!
<3 thanks rick

Where is my name :-(((((((((((((((((((


Where is my name :-(((((((((((((((((((

not there on the list, I spritzed that thing and it wasn’t there.


no, possibly a mistake in the list or just rick being forgetful. my friend nolok149 didnt get a present either.

my friend nolok149 didnt get a present either.

R.I.P nolok149’s present ##:##:#### - ##:##:####

Me = unhappy Everyone got a cool present and I got cobblestone PS check next to my present, i made the present i was hopeing for