one in the chamber Minigame in 1 command block!

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Recently i have been working on a 20k views special for my youtube and i have made a new concept for a minigame where a command block spawns in the entire minigame! it is really quite the concept because, this minigame can be played in any world you like because all you have to do is run 2 commands and then you will have a working minigame that you can play with your friends!

yt link if video doesn’t work then here it is

if you do want to have the commands well then here they are!

I would love to see it
click on the first “here” then :D
Holy fsopjaasjklas

yeah it took me ages to make, about a week but in the end i made it :D!

btw i made it using this compiler

here is the latest version of the commands.

changes i have made are:

  • fixed keepInventory
  • adjusted some wording in messages
  • added when game starts everyone gets put in survival mode