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Nickname guidelines

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As a donator or trusted user (see ranks), you are permitted to have a nickname, as long as it fits the guidelines listed here:

  1. Please make sure any nickname suggestions you have start with the first 3 letters of your IGN.
    (i.e. if your username is steve123 it must be at least ste).
    We require this to make your real in-game name a bit easier to tab complete and to reduce confusion.

  2. You're free to change the capitalisation of your nick, but please refrain from making it all caps.
    Also refrain from similary annoying nicknames, e.g. repeating a character too much

  3. Please keep nickname suggestions appropriate, 'dirty' or offensive nicknames aren't cool.

  4. Refrain from requesting to change your nickname too often, this can become fairly annoying for people and staff members alike.

  5. Also refrain from organized uniform nickname changes (Ex: Creating a group in which users must have 'Lol' in their name or nickname)

If you meet the guidelines listed above you are good to go!
Ask a moderator to apply your nickname.

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