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General plugin info

The circles on this page display the minimum rank required to execute the command (see rank info):

You can see a list of plugins using the /plugins command. /help <plugin-name> or /<plugin-name> often give you helpful information, too.

Useful things to know

Everyone on the server has access to the following commands:


Manages players' plots on the server

This plugin is used in our Creative and BigPlot worlds, so most PlotSquared commands can only be used there.

/plot or /p


A very powerful world manipulation plugin

Before you use WorldEdit, please watch some of these Video tutorials first!
Be very careful with this plugin! You could easily lag out or crash the server, which will lead to a ban on use of this plugin for you, a demotion or even a tempban or ban from the server if done frequently.

Selection is performed using the wooden axe, and is limited in volume to 10201 blocks, the size of the plot floor (101x101). This is still enough to crash the server, so please be careful. If you're not sure about an edit you are going/willing to do, you can turn on fast mode (//fast) to avoid block updates and light updates.

You can only use WorldEdit on plots where you can build. To enforce this, you cannot use the gmask command.

Besides that, Builders builder have access to most commands.
Guests guest have access to basic commands that do not modify the world (much).


Secures your account with a password

Very useful when other people use your PC, or when you're generally scared of someone hacking your account. Passwords are stored using SHA-256
Do not forget your password or you won't be able to use your account on this server anymore!

Redstoner Utils

Our custom self-written plugins which make certain things easier, improve gameplay and (should) generally improve your experience on the server =D


Reports problems to the staff

Stores a list of report messages, their location and the reporter. Online staff will immediately see this message, and are reminded every 10 minutes. Please do not put a single username in the message, this is useless.


Sets a default recipient for a message


Chat plugin for individual groups

/chatgroup or /cg


Inventory enhancements

Creates a "longer" hotbar by swaping your inventory with your hotbar.
You can fill your inventory with all 4 lines of items, empty lines in your inventory are skipped.

Cycle Demonstration

Tip: Try this plugin with /kit rs to fill your inventory with redstone-related blocks and /kit bus for color coding (and a sign)!
You can quick-disable it by sneaking while you switch your item slot.


Broadcasts funny messages

SayLol is a plugin made by us. It's a bit like the splash messages in Minecraft's main menu.
The messages are usually inside jokes, references to funny moments, memes, or otherwise related to the Redstoner community or Minecraft community in general.


Replaces words with other words

This plugin can replace words with other words that you define.
By default, ./ is replaced with /



Highlights your name in chat

If you don't have any keywords set, your full IGN and your display name are keywords to be highlighted.
As soon as you add any, only those you have defined are used.



Prevents button/lever spamming

Allows you to set a custom timeout on buttons or levers. Players which are added to your plot are able to modify or remove the timeout.
The time is given in seconds, but can be a decimal number

/ds or /damnspam while looking at a lever or button

The after-off-timeout is the timeout after a lever has been turned off.
The after-on-timeout is the timeout after a lever has been turned on.


AnswerBot. Hides stupid questions from chat and tells the sender about /faq and the like.

This plugin prevents messages from going to the public chat when they are probably answered in the FAQ.
Examples of hidden messages:

The sender of the message will see some information about our FAQ or a proper answer to the question.
It also includes some rick rolls easter eggs.


Makes redstoning easier

This plugin will automate a bunch of repetitive and annoying tasks for you.

/toggle|set|setting|config <setting> [value|info] Toggles a setting on or off, or sets a specific value for a setting. guest

This is the list of the current settings available:
cauldron Toggles whether cauldrons auto-fill upon placement and whether right clicking them with redstone dust or empty hand will cycle their water level.
slab Toggles whether slabs/steps which you place should be automatically flipped upside-down.
furnace Sets your preferred default furnace contents to your currently held itemstack. Use an empty hand to empty a slot, or /toggle furnace clear to clear all slots.
torch Toggles whether redstone torches which you place on redstone blocks will be deleted after a short amount of delay.
piston Toggles whether pistons or sticky pistons which you place will be rotated to face the block which you placed them against.
dropper Sets your preferred default dropper contents to your currently held itemstack. Use an empty hand to empty a slot, or /toggle dropper clear to clear all slots.
hopper Sets your preferred default hopper contents to your currently held itemstack. Use an empty hand to empty a slot, or /toggle hopper clear to clear all slots.



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