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History of Redstoner

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First, oliverissocool1 owned plus the server which usually had 10-15 players on.
Oliver became lazy and thus moved ownership to oleerik, who was another admin there.

Dico joined the server and later he became a moderator.
However, oleerik also became lazy, lost interest and shut down the server.

Some time later oleerik offered Dico to use the server. Dico was (of course) interested in that.
The server did not have the old worlds and configuration anymore. It had been down for a good while, so it was like a completely new server.

Dico invited some friends to help him set up the server before opening it to the public (as his 'fan server').
jomo was one of these friends and made the website. Due to technical knowledge he happened to become the guy who maintains the whole server.
The server somtimes crashed or lost its connection and we were not too happy, plus oleerik was still paying for it, without using it himself.

PanFritz first helped out by donating and then offered to host a physical server.
We discussed a lot and then moved everything to Pan's server. It worked very well.

A month or two later, a new server was bought and it took some time until the new machine was ready, but the move went quickly and without much downtime.

Another couple months later, the server underwent many major changes, this update was known as Redstoner 2.0 and vastly improved almost every aspect of the server.

Over two years into that relationship it was time to move on to a new host which was funded by Pepich1851.

In September 2017, jomo, the one who made this site, retired. The community wouldn't be the same without him. We wish him a nice life and also thank him for all the things he has done.

That's our story for now.

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