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I Can't Access my Forums Account

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When we migrated to our new host, the emails were purged. So right now, if you use the reset password, the email you enter won't match the records. For this reason, you'll need the temporary email that is currently associated with you. This is how you can regain access to your account:

  1. Ask a staff member for your temporary email. You can do this via Discord (either by DMs or in #staff-help), in game (including /mail), reddit, or email us at You can also use twitter, but responses to that will probably be slow.

  2. Once you've gotten your temporary email, go onto the server using the mc account associated with the forums account, and run /gettoken <temp-email>. This will give you a token.

  3. Goto and click Lost your password.

  4. Type in your in game name, the temporary email, the token given by step 2, and your new password.

  5. Click Reset Password.

  6. Login using the temporary email and your newly reset password.

  7. To change your email back to your personal one, click your name/profile picture on the top-right corner -> edit profile -> login settings, change the email, type your current password at the bottom, and click save changes.

  8. Use your account :P

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