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Redstoner, like any other server, has its own set of rules for both the website and the server itself. Failure to follow the rules will result in kick, demotion or (temp)ban from the server, website or both. The only rule you really need to know is Rule 1: Use your brain, it makes most (if not all) other rules obsolete. New players, we know these are a lot of rules and it might take you a while to fully understand them, but please take the time to learn at least the basics, as a lack of knowledge about the rules will not excuse you from breaking them.


  1. Use your brain and common sense.
    • This rule makes most (if not all) of the following rules obsolete, a lack of knowledge of the rules does not exclude you from this rule.
    • Even if it's not in the rules, you can still be punished for an action if deemed inappropriate by a moderator.
    • If it doesn't make sense for it to be allowed, then it's probably not and you shouldn’t do it.

Rules about Chat:

  1. Respect all players, staff or not. Jokes are tolerated, but habitual intentional disrespect is not, especially from new players.
  2. Spamming in chat is not allowed.
    • Repetitive messages or characters are considered spam
    • EXCESSIVE AND UnNeCeSsArY CAPS is also considered spam.
    • Links and other servers IPs are allowed in chat under the right circumstances, but are always allowed in /msg. This is not meant as a right to advertise your server by spamming others with the IP. (see rule 6)
  3. Limited swearing is tolerated (this does not include slurs, which are inherently offensive and derogatory), as long as it’s not aimed at offending someone. Being offended by someone swearing does not count, unless it was directed at you.
  4. Please refrain from talking in languages other than English in public chat, as our community is largely English speaking.
  5. Posting links with adult content, malware or shocking content is forbidden.
  6. Do not advertise Redstoner on other servers! Do not advertise yourself, other servers or websites on Redstoner. This is a bannable offense!

Rules about Building:

  1. Griefing is NOT allowed in any way, shape or form. If you grief someone's work it will lead to a straight permanent ban.
    • Excessive pranks or trolling can also lead to a ban.
  2. Redstone clocks are allowed, but do not exaggerate the clock size, leave clocks running when not in use or have moving minecarts unattended. These are bannable offenses!
  3. Do not create lots of entities. Includes but is not limited to: armor stands, item frames, paintings, item/xp drops, primed tnt/fireworks/arrows, projectile snowballs/eggs/potions, mobs/animals, boats/minecarts, falling sand/anvil/gravel and lead knots (Causes lag as well).
  4. Do not create inappropriate builds (Don't build giant penises, or other such things).
  5. Do not build very tall solid walls around your plot, as it is very annoying when flying over plots.
  6. Do not create more than 5 active beacons (active meaning it has a beacon beam), or let the effects of beacons reach outside of your plot. Mind you: You can make beacon shows or rainbows and things like that, but make sure that the beacons are blocked off when the show is not running. Send us a message via /report if you find a plot that violates this rule.
  7. Redstoner staff members reserve the right to disable machinery that may violate or potentially violate the rules.

Other Rules:

  1. If you find a bug on the server (e.g. having access to /item in survival)
    • Do not exploit the bug, file a /report about it instead.
    • If the issue could cause problems, then post it here.
    • If the issue isn't too severe, you can post it here.
  2. Doxing in the game or on the forums is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to private data, especially names, addresses and similar.
  3. Do not cheat in any survival world. This includes but is not limited to: flying, teleporting, spawning in items, damage prevention, kill aura, and instant mine.
  4. Do not ask for ranks! It won't get you the rank any faster (if anything it will slow the process). This includes asking to promote other people.
    • The exceptions to this are Member and Builder. See ranks.
  5. Be careful with large modifications (e.g. WorldEdit), as these can lag or even crash the server.
  6. The creation, possession, distribution and/or usage of any items with the following attributes is strictly forbidden:
    • very high movement speed (high movement speed makes chunks load and unload rapidly, risking corruption and server lag)
    • potion effects or enchantments above level 10 (X) or below level -10 (this includes kill potions)
    • the invisibility potion effect
    • fireworks with an excessive amount of particles
  7. If you habitually break the rules, you might get demoted or (temporarily) banned. This decision is on the staff's behalf. Note that this applies to any offense, no matter how minor.
  8. If you are doing something which disturbs or annoys a large portion of the community, you can be punished.
  9. Changing your name to annoy someone else or prevent them from using nicknames will result in a 30 day tempban or until the name change is reverted. A full list of the nickname rules can be found here.
  10. Turn off auto rejoin if you are using a modded client that has it.
  11. The use of an alt is allowed, but discouraged. However, if you are banned, the use of an alt will result in a permanent ban of the alt and a time extension to your main account's ban.


  1. Make sure you post in the correct sub-forum. Threads will be moved or deleted if not posted in the correct sub-forum.
  2. Do not use the forums to advertise/promote other servers. Posts of this nature will be deleted.
  3. When posting threads on the forums, please refrain from troll threads. This rule excludes the “Offtopic” subforum.
  4. Do not speak in improper english, for example "guyz plz can I haz moneyz". This rule excludes the “Offtopic” subforum.
  5. When responding to a thread keep your posts on topic and easy to read.
  6. Only create a reply if it adds to the conversation.
  7. Posting links with adult content, malware or shocking content is forbidden. Posts of this nature will be deleted.
  8. Before posting a thread (most notably feature requests and bug reports), please search the forums for the same topic you plan to post on, as this will help prevent duplicate threads.
  9. Refrain from harassing people on the forums, we want to promote friendly and calm conversations.
  10. Please use your in-game Minecraft Username or something very similar to it as your forums name (ex. If your name is "Steve", don’t make your forum name "Alex").
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