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This page explains all our ranks in the game.
To remove unnecessary bloat in chat, ranks are identified by their color rather than long prefixes, as you may be familiar with from other servers.
If you think a permission could be given to a rank without risk, feel free to notify us! We're very open about giving helpful permissions.


'Visitors' are the default rank on Redstoner, they have basic permissions.
We try to give visitors all permissions we are able to, without having to deal with problems (grief, spam, server lag, etc).
They have access to the Creative world, and they are able to claim one plot by using /p auto.
Obtaining this rank: Join the server :)


Members are the rank just above visitors and have a few more permissions, including access to the survival world.
Obtaining this rank: Be active for about two weeks and build some cool things on your plot. You can ask a Mod to check out your plot, but please be patient if they are busy.


As the name implies, builders are people who have built enough for this rank, builders have partial access to WorldEdit, which is a very powerful tool. Builders can also use /lol to say something funny from a set list of phrases. Additionally, builders have access to a second normal plot and a BigPlot in the BigPlot World.
Obtaining this rank: Be active a lot and build a lot of neat stuff on your plot (not required to be redstone-related).


These people have been around the server for a long time and are generally trusted by all active staff members. They have quite a few more permissions. Starting off, trusted members gain access to a 3rd normal plot to build on, and nearly full WorldEdit access.
Another notable feature trusted players gain is access to the Trusted world, which is an infinite flatland where they can build without restrictions.
Obtaining this rank: You will get this rank if- and only if- the staff trust you (as implied by the name). Your best bet is to follow the rules, be nice, and do not ask for this rank. If you break rules, behave in an annoying or immature manner, or are a source of trouble, then your chances of becoming trusted will go down.


Helpers are, as the name implies, here to help relieve some of the workload from moderators and moderators in training. They do not have all the permissions that moderators in training have and therefore can't help with everything.
Obtaining this rank: You will get this rank if you fulfill the helper requirements and your application is accepted.


Moderators are in-game staff members, they manage pretty much anything that deals with the game itself. Mods have access to all ingame commands. If you are having any issues on the server you should go to these people for help. They are also the people who look at plots and determine if you are worthy for member/builder. This rank is only given to trusted users who show determination and respect of the rules. It is very unlikely that you will be a moderator. However, here is a brief overview of moderator requirements.


This rank is viewed as the same level as a moderator on this server, however their job is different. Admins manage the actual server, making sure everything is working and online, and they don't focus on moderation and ingame stuff as much as mods do. If you have any issues and there's a mod online, ask a mod first. If there's any issues on the server that moderators can't fix, you take it to an admin. It is even more than unlikely that you'll ever be an administrator as this requires a lot of skill and time, but you can of course take a look at our administrator requirements.

We reserve the right to revoke a rank from a player as we see fit.


These are not real ranks, but they have a special meaning and are given to players as a suffix to their name.

$ Donor / Donor+

Donor players get a $ badge to the right of their name, for Donor+ this badge is bold.
Donators can have a nick name, see below.
You can find more info on the donation page.

Staff In Training

This is a rank where people are given advice and support in decision making so that later on they can become better at their job.
It is currently only used for mods in training. In order to get this rank you must have an accepted application and you must meet the moderator requirements.


This badge indicates that this player is a developer. They do have access to the server, but they only do things directly related to Minecraft. A player with this badge doesn't necessarily have to be staff, they could also be another rank, trusted, usually.

Staff Team Lead

This badge is given to staff members which represent the lead of the staff team.


This badge is given to retired moderators and administrators.

Alternate Account

This badge is given to the alternate accounts of other users. They have the same permissions as their main account, but cannot own plots.


An italic name indicates that the displayed name is a nickname. You can use /realname <nickname> to see their actual name.
Usually, typing the nickname's first 3 letters and pressing tab should be enough to show the real name due to our nickname guidelines, where you can find more info about obtaining nicknames.

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