IGN Mahaksapatalika
UUID 67c886889555428d91b680f2e62ad4c0
Role builder
YouTube G.W. Snyder
Twitter @Mahaksapatalika
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Kinda new to MC, learning Redstone and very new to multiplayer. Loving the server. My Creative Plot is less about Redstone and more about me and my creative side. I love taking 'the best of the best' Redstone Contraptions and putting them into a working environment. Less concerned with the creation of useless contraptions. (Making huge doors that don't fit practically into a build...anything that's useless or too large for a build to actually look good or realistic. My Creative Plot has 'My House'. While it contains 15 Redstone Contraptions I did not create...and although the house comes from the inspiration I received from others builds...the house is mine. I use online tutorials to teach myself how to build and Redstone. I came here to be able to share my experience (verb not noun) with and in time...hopefully learn from others. As my time is usually limited...I can often be selfish with it. It's nothing personal but I am not one of the ones who log's on and 'gets bored' easily. I have plenty to build and plenty I want to learn so...I don't have time for boredom.
My 'Redstone Research Island' (just South of my Creative Plot) is my curious side where I both learn and create with Redstone. Surrounding the Island are basic circuits so they have no 'credit'...but I did not create any of them. They are the basics of Redstoning and necessary for a noob like myself.

Most of my tutorials (all tutorials and not just the Redstone ones) are from:

Mumbo Jumbo
Redstone Innovations
BoukokuNo Haru
*There are many others.