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I'm a redstoner, I'm Dutch and I will help anyone who asks. I
I'm also, a cuber, and I use mostly intuitive F2L, 2look Oll with some extra algs and full PLL. I'm in the middle of learning full Oll, and some F2l. My mains are a lubed and broken in Zhanchi, a MoYu Pyraminx, and a DaYan Megaminx (ridged).

My pb's are:
3x3: 12.08 - 18.84 ao5
2x2: 1.94,ao5 5.xx
OH: 40.smth
Pyraminx: 9.91 (I suck :D, no ao5, I don't practice pyraminx activly).
Megaminx: 5.17.xx (Same story as above).