IGN Doomblah
UUID c69f8316c60a4f8ca922bda933e01acd
Role mod
Twitter @Doomblah
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Hai, I'm Doomblah. I play a lot of Minecraft, and I have been since Jan 17th 2011. Somewhere along the line I found a little server called Redstoner, the community was so nice, friendly, and helpful I fell in love with it. After a few months of playing on this server, getting better at redstone, I was suddenly promoted to moderator, and welcomed by everyone. Over 5 years later here I am still playing on this server I love so much, with friends I never would have met without this server, all the while learning about redstone, and Minecraft, the real world, and loving every second Iā€™m on the server.

I'm the Moderator